Price: $8500.00

An entire 20-minute act in which you and the audience leave this dimension and are magically transported into a parallel world in which the laws of physics of one world are injected into another, with startling results.

Unique, my own invention, this routine runs about 20 minutes long, and is a perfect introduction to the concept and experience of alternate realities. Includes many expensive props and gear, all of which are individually crafted, many are vintage or antique.

This is ideal for parties, gatherings of all sorts, and is especially effective in corporate presentations, where concepts of time, energy and space are already freely under discussion.

You will amaze, astound and mystify your audience, yet you need no previous experience with magic, nor will you need manipulative skills...just presentation and a bit of showmanship, which I have laid out in my instructional DVD.

The SlipStream Effects are clean and all items can be freely inspected by spectators acting as participants, representing the audience's curiosity and disbelief, as they watch you disobey the basic laws of physics in so many different ways.

These are MAJOR illusions, and would ordinarily cost you many tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars, but I have undertaken to make this act available so that the message of parallel world exploration will reach as many as possible.

You will introduce the feeling of actually communicating and voyaging across the dimensions from one parallel world to another. The audience will thrill to the experience, as you zoom through universe after universe, faster than lightspeed.

I take you step by step through every illusion, showing you how to perform each, with the most effective patter (that's you talking) that can be brought to bear.

Don't let lack of theater experience deter you. You CAN do this!

I want to once again remind you that this is not one single trick or illusion, it's an entire show! You get EVERYTHING you need for performance. Nothing more to buy, not now, not ever! ... unless you catch the "bug" and want to expand your horizons further.

This is the absolute ultimate way to introduce people to Alternate Universes and Parallel Worlds, and YOU CAN DO IT!