Wall Street

Price: $350.00

Expensive? Not when you think of what you can do with this reputation-builder. You predict a Wall Street trend, stock, bond, commodity, headline...and the prediction has been held by an independent party for a week!

Here's how it works:

You write out a Wall Street prediction. I like predicting the headline of the Wall Street Journal a week ahead.

The prediction is placed within a white envelope and sealed. The person or bonded agency or tv personality or talk show host personally signs the envelope with the date of closure, then it's placed inside yet another envelope...in this case, brown manila.

The second envelope is sealed, signed and is held by the person or agency until the prediction date which will be 7 days from the sealing of the prediction.

On the date of prediction, the newspaper is placed on a table or desk, or anywhere convenient...if it's on camera, then within the view of the camera.

The outer envelope is inspected, signature is shown, then sliced open, and the inner envelope is ostentatiously removed in clear view of camera, audience and guest celebrity.

Now the white envelope is sliced or cut open, and the prediction paper is unfolded by the spectator/guest/host, not by you.

The spectator reads the prediction aloud, then displays the prediction to the camera, crowd, audience, whatever. It will precisely, word for word, match the headline, stock price, etc.

Absolutely fool-proof and fiendishly diabolical in its simplicity, this can be an amazing reputation-builder.

No "penetration"of the secret is possible, no matter how intense the scrutiny.

This secret may NOT be used for personal gain, other than the income derived as a performer. In other words, you cannot use the knowledge gained to take advantage of the stock market, etc. The revelation occurs only AFTER the fact, according to Karmic Law.