EJ Gold with Murray the Samurai Day Trader

http://www.gorebag.com presents EJ Gold of WallStreetBums.com in his Daytrading Office with Murray the Samurai Daytrader from samuraidaytrader.com who appears here in a fine non-rented tuxedo. Murray the Samurai DayTrader sings "Long on Friday" from the hit album, Insane Investors CD, "Wall Street" which rode in the Top Ten on MP3. Being "Long on Friday" is a hilarious look at the Ultimate DayTrader's Nightmare -- it means holding stock over the weekend, when there is no trading and no way to know what the open is going to be on Monday... Wall Street was composed and performed by Jimmi Accardi and EJ Gold with Bob Bachtold on drums, Menlo Macfarlane on percussion. This was performed on CNBC's Squawk Box before an audience of 150 million viewers.