MOPPY the ZOMBIE in ZOMBIE JAMBOREE presents stage and tv Ventriloquist and Magician EJ Gold who helps Moppy the Zombie perform "Zombie Jamboree" from the Accardi Gold CD "In Your Face" with GoreBag and the Grunts. You can buy "In Your Face" songs at -- Zombie Jamboree is a wild, hard-driving video gaming song about endless hordes of zombies in a Quake I environment. We are told that playing this while gaming -- especially in TF2 -- will definitely improve your frags by about 37 1/2%. These songs, along with two other albums of videogaming Quaking songs were developed under contract to id software, and were composed and performed under the direction of American can see the footage of this event elsewhere on my site. Jimmi Accardi -- vocals and guitar EJ Gold -- vocals and bass Bob Bachtold -- drums Menlo Macfarlane -- percussion All songs BMI Accardi/Gold and copyrighted.